Submission 2: Task 3 & 4, Honey Bee Digital’s Digital asset. #DSMMCM1819

Tasks 3 and 4 focus on our chosen PSO

Task 3 – Evaluation of a Priority Target Audience for Honeybee Digitals Digital Asset

Audience Advantage Disadvantage Risks / Issues
1. People in Manchester based digital marketing agencies who are looking for graduate students to employ.
2. People based in Manchester interested in the SEO cup searching for the #DSMMCM1819 hashtag on twitter
  • Key phrase for the University unit
  • Limited use of #SEOCup on Twitter
  • Less chance of our PSO being found
3. People searching for the hashtag #dsmmcm1819 on Google
  • Key phrase for the University unit
  • Only 1,240 results so the Honeybee page has a higher chance of being clicked on
  • Limited audience as the hashtag is unique to the unit

Our chosen audience is audience 3 – People searching for the hashtag DSMMCM1819 on Google. This audience was chosen because of its relevance to the unit and the fact that there are less search options which means that our page is more likely to appear when searched for. Audience 3 has been selected using behavioural targeting, behavioural targeting is an excellent way of talking to individuals in a way that is highly likely to resonate with them (1C).

Task 4 – Digital Communications Objectives for Honeybee Digital


Acquisition Advantages Disadvantages Pursue
1. Increase the number of people coming into our site from 0 – 10 in 1 month


 2. Increase the volume of traffic accessing our site from Google


3. Increase the volume of traffic accessing our site via Facebook No


Acquisition 1 – A measurable objective enables us to keep track of our progress, stay motivated, helps us to stay focused, meet our deadlines, and feel the excitement of getting closer to achieving our goal.

Risk of Choosing 

It takes 4 – 6 months to start seeing results meaning that there is a risk of our time frame being too short. We have not allowed a long enough period for our results to grow over time


Acquisitions 2 and 3 – Both acquisitions are not hashtag specific to #DSMMCM1819, meaning that our page will not found as easily when the hashtag is searched. Another reason for rejecting this hashtag is that it doesn’t add any substance to our blog posts

Risk of Not Choosing

Risk of losing traffic from Facebook and Google. One benefit of using Facebook would be that is promotes new customer acquisition – not utilising Facebook creates a risk in the inability to acquire new audiences


Conversion Advantages Disadvantages Pursue
1. Increase the volume of views on our blog from 10 to 20  

2. Increase the amount of people visiting our social media from our blog post No
3. Increase views to our “meet the client” blog post from 1 to 10 by March No


Conversion 1- If the blog posts traffic increases the credibility of our content will increase.

Risk of Choosing 

Choosing conversion 1 poses a risk of  bot traffic to our blog posts.


Conversion 2 – Poses a risk of over sharing our content across all of our platforms.

Conversion 3 – Too specific to one blog post.

Risk of Not Choosing

People may not look at our blogs but not understand them due to them being very specific to the #DSMMCM1819 unit.


Retention Advantages Disadvantages Pursue
1. Increase interaction on our PSO from 0 comments to 5 comments per blog Yes
2. Increase blog posts to twice a week (Tuesday and Wednesday) No
3. Increase interaction on our Twitter account by March No


Retention 1 – The act of commenting theoretically increases the likelihood that the user will also engage in other ways, such as subscribing to your newsletter, or returning to the blog.

Risk of Choosing 

Comments could be negative and comments need to be key word rich to have a big impact 


Retention 2 – Too time intensive and readers may not read longer blogs

Retention 3 – Restricted by Twitter’s 280 character limit when posting on Twitter

Risk of Not Choosing

Risk of not utilising chances to engage with the target audience

Word count: 795

Task 1&2 for the #DSMMCM1819 unit 

EVE MANSON – 15068838


CHLOE ROBERTS – 15064959

GEORGIA COLES – 15067352




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